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2nd-6th July 2020

Top tourist event of 2020 that drove 10 modern supercars, with their passengers SupercarBC friends, to experience the magical Sardinia between Alghero and the Costa Smeralda in safety and relax, always accompanied by our staff, available for every need.

The all-inclusive event package allowed to spend 5 days of beautiful and peaceful group life, starting from boarding the Genoa-Porto Torres ferry, passing through the 3-day "no stress" tour on the perfect roads of northern Sardinia from the West coast ( Alghero) to the East coast (Costa Smeralda), traffic-free and 100% "supercar friendly", to conclude with the return on the Porto Torres-Genoa ship.


A few days later, participants received a personal photo book together with a personal video, to collect and preserve some of the most beautiful emotions and moments of the event.


This has already become an annual TOP-tour for SupercarBC, which will reserve it for its friends who would love a perfect mix of tourism and healthy fun, in more unique and rare scenarios envied and sought in all over the world.

Personal video Mozzi - Biacca

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