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SupercarBC events, without any competition, are created for the pure driving passion and for the pleasure in discovering some of the best views, roads, food, wine and business realities through the areas crossed.

In pleasant days of enjoyment on their Supercars, the participants have the opportunity, in total relaxation, to meet each other, always in a calm and controlled atmosphere, sharing their emotions and the interest of knowing their different businesses.

SupercarBC events are presented and communicated personally with confidential invitations, with the satisfaction of every member in being able to experience an always serene, fun and safe atmosphere on the roads, spaces crossed or race-tracks.

Some tours, on the other hand, are completely private, for groups of passionate friends-partners-colleagues who want to be "pampered" in magic experiences.





The limit number of Supercars generally admitted/invites is strictly linked to the event type, in order to guarantee a funny and engaging environment, but at the same time controlled, safe, discreet, always reaching the highest quality of our service.


Most of the events are not published in advance on their date, or never published also after them, to ensure maximum privacy for guests and host structures.



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